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Employee Orientation

Mental health is impacting Canadians like never before- since Covid over 50% report feeling isolated, more stressed, anxious and that their mental wellbeing has suffered. Leaders today need to know how to recognize signs of distress in employees and how to step in to support people who are struggling. Employees need to learn strategies to manage their wellbeing proactively. Coaching for resiliency is key to helping everyone achieve better wellbeing. This impacts all areas of life: relationships, physical health, mental health, productivity, safety, work quality and career success. 
Understanding and Supporting Mental Health for Leaders 
Current Mental Health stats
Mental health continuum model
The role of stigma 
Ways to create healthy workplaces
Step in to support someone
What to say, not to say
What if it doesn’t go well
How to escalate concerns
Mental health protective factors
Understanding and Supporting Mental Health for Employees
Current Mental Health stats
Mental health continuum model
The role of stigma 
Ways to create healthy workplaces
Approach your supervisor for help
What to say, not say
How to escalate concerns
Access support/resources
Mental Health Protective factors
Coaching for Resiliency- Leaders
Solution focused coaching
Steps to Acocuntability
What is resiliency
Why it matters
Resiliency skills
Positive intelligence
Emotional intelligence
Stress management
Problem solving
Supports systems
Building Resiliency for Employees
Steps to Acocuntability
What is resiliency
Why it matters
Resiliency skills
Positive intelligence
Emotional intelligence
Stress management
Problem solving
Supports systems

Leadership Development

Some workshops we have run in the past include: how to manage employee performance, developing workplace policies and procedures, managing employee discipline, managing absenteeism, how to motivate employees, how to recognize employees

Employee Training Programs

With proper training and skill development you can develop a workforce that is spectacular(you use this word more than once try another word). We can help you to assess what your employee’s soft and hard skill training needs are. Soft skill training is becoming more and more crucial to business success. Everything from communication skills, conflict resolution, motivation and problem solving skills can help you to get the most out of your employees. If I can’t develop it for you chances are I will be able to steer you in the right direction.

Performance Management

Once you have hired a new employee it is essential for them to know what is expected of them in order for them to be successful. We can assist you in developing a performance management system and performance appraisal tool that is effective. I can also give you the tools to properly manage employee performance to ensure that you are getting the best out of your team.

Employee Surveys

Employees need a confidential vehicle in order to be able to communicate feedback back to the management level. Employee surveys are a great way to foster an open door policy in your company and give your employees the opportunity to feel heard. Once the survey is completed a report covering key findings, issues as well as success areas is presented back to the company with suggestions for future improvement. We can work with you to develop a long range plan for improvement in your overall company culture.


Any well functioning organization is made up of effective work teams. Often managers are so focused on the day to day operational requirements that they forget the important element of investing in building winning teams that function well together.

Career Coaching

Do you want to get the most out of your life and your career? We can assist you in meeting your goals. Everyone could benefit from coaching at some point in their lives. We will work with you and assist you in setting realistic, measurable goals for yourself as well as hold you accountable in them. We can also assist you in problem solving and clarifying direction. An aspect of coaching that is very successful in business today is career management/counseling for you or your employees.

Reward and Recognition Programs

Once employees are engaged in your organization you want to continue to inspire them to perform and be committed to you. Effect reward and recognition programs can help you define what you want to get more from your employees so that everyone is continuing to strive for excellence. Rewards and Recognition programs serve to highlight the excellence that exists in all areas and job functions across an organization. Being recognized for one’s achievements, knowing your contributions matter, and having the opportunity for growth and professional development have a considerable impact on employee satisfaction and commitment.

Health, Safety and Wellness

A safe and healthy workplace is a more productive one. We can get workplace safety committees up and running as well as develop practical and affordable wellness initiatives that will show your employees that you value them and their wellbeing.

Workplace Policy and Procedure

Having sound workplace practices in place is essential for any well-run and managed business. I can help you to develop effective hiring practices as well as workplace policies and procedures so that your employees will know what is expected of them. This will assist you in being able to set out realistic expectations from the beginning and will decrease the amount of time that you spend dealing with discipline issues. Some examples of policies include: workplace expectations, drug and alcohol free workplace, safety, computer usage, privacy, harassment free workplace, overtime, vacation.

Emotional Intelligence & Employee Engagement

Emotional Intelligence- Training, Coaching, and Assessments

Emotional Intelligence has a 75% impact on all areas of our success in life (school, career, leadership, relationships)


We can assess emotional intelligence with an intuitive model, custom reports, and easy online administration


We offer Two AMAZING assessment options from Multi Health Systems:

  1. EQ-i (self report)
  1. EQ 360 

Report Option available: Workplace, leadership, group reports


Key features:

  • These are the ONLY scientifically validated tools available in North America; governed by both the American and Canadian Psychological Association.
  • Generate a total EI score with five composite scores measuring distinct aspects of emotional and social functioning
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how the results affect a participant’s workplace performance (conflict resolution, change management, teamwork, decision making and more) with strategies customized based on individual results
  • Make instant connections between subscales and help participants leverage EI strengths and improve EI weaknesses
  • Use the Well-Being Indicator to measure your client’s level of happiness; resulting in additional developmental opportunities
  • Target solutions at every level with a multi-level approach to developing EI
  • Reports are designed with clear instructions, interpretation guidelines and results-driven content setting you up for success


Assessment cost

Eqi $350 includes a one hour coaching debrief

Eqi 360 $600 includes one hour debrief


Employee Engagement and Team Effectiveness Assessments 

“Executives cannot legislate a high-performing culture with just visions, values and mission statements. “ 

David Zinger

Watson Wyatt survey:

  •         31% of employees are not engaged
  •         Committed employees outperform others by 200%
  •         Engaged employees are 43% more productive
  •         Safety costs $360 more per employee per year for unengaged employees

Hay Group survey:

  •         Operating income increases on average 19.2% per year with engagement
  •         Engaged employees bring in 23% more revenue per year

Creating an environment where employees thrive is the key to every business success.
Your employees are your greatest asset and the best predictor of external customer satisfaction is internal employee engagement.
Great company’s take the pulse annually to see how well they are doing in employee engagement as a company, department or team.
We will help you design and deliver the survey via an online platform.
We work together with you to create action plans and make necessary improvements.
You commit to making Engagement a priority and leave the rest to us!

Employee Programs

People know that a happy and content workforce means a more productive and loyal one. We can assist you in developing employee activities that will engage your employees and help them feel more connected, appreciated and valued. Some examples of activities we have successfully developed include:  mentoring programs, non-union work plans, employee opinion surveys, communications pieces (newsletters) and employee retreats/events.

Employee Orientation

Once a new person is hired it is essential for them to be able to contribute to your team and your business as soon as possible. Employee orientation programs and buddy programs can help you engage your new employees from the first day of employment(mentorship might sound more professional).