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“Debbie effectively worked with client counterparts to develop the training outlines and training manuals for technical and process training. She was always very organized, and used her client’s time very effectively to ensure the best possible outcome. In addition to this, she has a very solid understanding of Adult training concepts."

Nicole Paquet, Manager, Accenture Business Services

“Debbie has helped me hire, train, evaluate, discipline and dismiss employees. She is excellent in all areas of Human Resources and I highly recommend her. Several of my colleagues have hired her and are also very happy with her services. Debbie is very knowledgeable and has an ability to convey that information to employers and employees in an understandable and non-threatening manner. I have appreciated her support and calmness at stressful times. Debbie has taught me to be a more effective leader of my team. She has met with me and my team several times to develop and facilitate training. Her ideas have made big changes in the way we work. My team has been empowered to work more effectively and independently through her training. As a result, I am spending less time managing my team and am able to focus on my business.”

Shirley Clarke, Remax

“I wish I had a professional HR coach, like Debbie, much earlier on in my business career. I cannot overstate the value of having an informed, impartial and caring expert to help you navigate through the intricacies of various HR issues...not to mention those very difficult situations you just dread. Debbie is great to work with, she's professional, responsive and perceptive in accessing and dealing with emotionally charged situations."

Ronna Chisholm, President, Dossier Creative

“The training sessions that Debbie delivered were so well received by staff at all levels. This is a reflection of her thorough preparation and the energy with which she facilitates. Follow up surveys clearly showed that employees have learned from her sessions and have found them a valuable use of their time.”

Andrew Martin, Hain Celestial

“We hired Debbie to assist us in developing and implementing a Leadership Development program for one of our clients. I was impressed with Debbie’s commitment, thoroughness, analytical ability and the passion which drives her to do excellent work. She developed a high quality Management and Supervisory skills training program that had a very positive impact on our clients Leadership team. Not only did she develop great training sessions, her approach and ability to ask tough questions helped to bring the management teams together and develop a greater cohesiveness within the groups. Her follow up report was thorough and provided us with some practical solutions that will assist us in moving our clients Leadership team to a higher level of performing and managing. Our client now has a better functioning Leadership team and we have asked Debbie to continue on facilitating some Leadership Development Roundtable sessions for us. She has been instrumental in helping us create a wide spread culture change throughout the organization. I would highly recommend using Debbie as a Human Resources Consultant.”

Susan Vann, Kymera Management Group

“We hired Debbie to assist in increasing employee communication and morale and to help improve our workplace culture and environment. Debbie put together a top notch Employee Policy and Procedure manual as well as a new Employee Orientation program. As a result our employees have a better understanding of our workplace expectations and are more engaged from the beginning of their employment. Debbie also developed and facilitated an Employee Opinion Survey that helped increase the flow of communication between employees and company Management. As a result we have put in place her recommendations to help us improve our work environment and foster better employee commitment.”

Andrea Smith, Controller, RDA Painting

“Debbie was very valuable to our organization. She provided guidance, asked pertinent important questions addressed to our staffing needs and related to our specific industry. We will use Debbie again when it comes to recruiting managing or employees. She helped us make the right decision and can save a company a lot of time and money. I am an operations manager and thought I could I do it on my own and that was certainly not the case. In retrospect, I am glad I was introduced to Debbie. Using Debbie showed me and our organization the complexity and care required in hiring the RIGHT and BEST individual for the position. It's a real pleasure to have someone like Debbie on our team.”

Savi Singh, Operations Manager, Mex Group of Companies