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Reward and Recognition programs

Once employees are engaged in your organization you want to continue to inspire them to perform and be committed to you. Effect reward and recognition programs can help you define what you want to get more from your employees so that everyone is continuing to strive for excellence. Rewards and Recognition programs serve to highlight the excellence that exists in all areas and job functions across an organization. Being recognized for one’s achievements, knowing your contributions matter, and having the opportunity for growth and professional development have a considerable impact on employee satisfaction and commitment.

Career Coaching

Do you want to get the most out of your life and your career? We can assist you in meeting your goals. Everyone could benefit from coaching at some point in their lives. We will work with you and assist you in setting realistic, measurable goals for yourself as well as hold you accountable in them. We can also assist you in problem solving and clarifying direction. An aspect of coaching that is very successful in business today is career management/counseling for you or your employees.


Employees want to stay in company’s that support their long term career interests. Partnering junior employees with mentors is an effective way to develop careers internally and provide coaching on a less formal basis. By investing in your employee future development you will foster loyalty and commitment from them.


Any well functioning organization is made up of effective work teams. Often managers are so focused on the day to day operational requirements that they forget the important element of investing in building winning teams that function well together.

Debbie has been instrumental in helping us create a wide spread culture change throughout the organization.

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