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Recruitment and Selection

People are your number one asset; therefore making the right hiring decision is essential to a business’ continued success. Much time and money can be wasted when a wrong decision is made. We can assist you with all your recruitment needs from writing and placing an ad to screening resumes and interviewing prospective employees. We will also do reference checks for you.

Employer Branding

What sets you apart from your competition? Employers face a challenge in the years ahead as the labour market continues to shrink and favor employees. You need to define employee programs that will set you apart and clarify why employees would want to come and work for you. Employer branding helps you to create a strategy for marketing yourself to potential employees. We can assist you in defining your values and your brand.

Compensation and Benefits

Without a competitive compensation and benefits package employees will not want to work with you. You need to create a compensation package that will take care of your employees and attract the best to come and work with you.

Employee Programs

People know that a happy and content workforce means a more productive and loyal one. WeI can assist you in developing employee activities that will engage your employees and help them feel more connected, appreciated and valued. Some examples of activities weI have successfully developed include: include: mentoring programs, non-union work plans, employee opinion surveys, communications pieces (newsletters) and employee retreats/events.

Debbie asked the tough questions that only an “outsider” could, she always had my company best needs in mind.

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